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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

No. 29 2012 - 27 July




Rescue boat accident due to failed limit switch

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has just released a report of a dreadful accident involving a rescue boat on a car carrier (see also article re Industry Lifeboat Group ). The vessel is a car carrier, but many tankers have similar arrangements. Very simply, a crew member was killed because a rescue boat hoist limit switch failed and the torque of the hoist motor was high enough t...... More


Special discount for FPSO conference

We have negotiated a special discount of 20% for INTERTANKO Members booking for ACI’s FPSO Summit 17-18 October 2012 in Houston, US. This reduces the cost to £1,356 from £1,695. The special discount is available up to Friday 27 July by quoting discount code INTMFP2. To access the conference website click here Contact : Bill Box ... More



06 September 2012 – INTERTANKO Executive Committee Meeting, Rome
12 September 2012 - INTERTANKO Documentary Committee, London
20 September 2012 – INTERTANKO Environmental Committee, Rome
20-21 September 2012 – INTERTANKO Bunker Sub-committee, Rome
21-22 September 2012 – INTERTANKO Environmental Committee/ISTEC, Rome
02 October 2012 – INTERTANKO Seafarers Vetting Seminar, Manila
03-04 October 2012 – INTERTANKO Vetting Committee and Seminar, Singapore
10 October 2012 – INTERTANKO Northern European Panel, London
10 October 2012 – INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Committee, London
11 October 2012 – INTERTANKO Hellenic Mediterranean Panel, Athens
23 October 2012 – INTERTANKO North American Panel, Houston
31 October 2012 – INTERTANKO Latin American Panel, Rio de Janeiro
14 November 2012 – INTERTANKO Executive Committee, London
15 November 2012 – INTERTANKO Council, London
23 November 2012 – INTERTANKO Asian Panel, Hong Kong

... More

Guide on the Selection and Installation of Ballast Water Management Systems for Tankers

INTERTANKO’s Guide on the Selection and Installation of Ballast Water Management Systems for Tankers has been developed to assist tanker owners during the selection, assessment and installation of Ballast Water Management (BWM) systems for existing and newbuilding tankers. It has been developed using experience and guidance from INTERTANKO Members on the Environmental Committee and INTERTANKO’s...... More


Oil Pollution Legislation in Littoral States of the USA – get your copy now!

INTERTANKO published its first review of US state oil pollution laws in 1993 in response to the US Oil Pollution Act 1990. Following the Deepwater Horizon spill, we now publish a timely update of US State oil pollution laws focusing on the parties responsible, the range of claims, and potential financial liability. This publication is an essential guide for any tanker owner trading to US ports....... More


INTERTANKO’S Guide to the Vetting Process 9th edition now available

INTERTANKO's Guide to the Vetting Process has been completely revised and expanded into a new 9th edition which is now available in hard copy and as an electronic e-book. It contains concise, yet comprehensive descriptions of the principal tanker vetting systems and the screening process, as well as up-to-date information on the different ship inspection systems of oil and chemical companies,...... More