Membership is open to independent tanker owners and operators of oil, chemical and gas tankers, i.e. non-oil companies and non-state controlled tanker owners, who fulfil the Association's membership criteria. As of January 2018, the organisation had 204 Members, whose combined fleet comprises some 3,976 tankers totalling over 353 million dwt. INTERTANKO's Associate Membership stands at some 242 companies and organisations related to the tanker industry.

INTERTANKO is a forum where the industry meets, policies are discussed and best practice developed. It is a valuable source of first-hand information, opinions and guidance. INTERTANKO stands for safe transport, cleaner seas and free competition.

INTERTANKO industry spokesperson
The strong support that INTERTANKO enjoys allows it to speak authoritatively and proactively on behalf of tanker operators at international, regional, national and local level. It is also able to maintain a 20-strong Secretariat and a network of 14 committees and five regional panels that coordinate an extensive work programme that comprises more than 50 agenda items. Governments and shipping regulators have taken a closer interest in tanker shipping. INTERTANKO has responded by establishing, strengthening and maintaining relationships with legislators on all levels, working with them to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of the responsibilities and liabilities involved in carrying oil and chemicals by sea.

Underlining its commitment to representing its members where key decisions are made, INTERTANKO opened offices in Singapore and Washington DC in 1999, in addition to its principal offices in Oslo and London. Within the shipping industry itself, INTERTANKO participates in discussions within the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) where we have NGO status, and the International Oil Spill Compensation Fund. In addition, it has consultative status at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Oil, its derivatives and gas will remain the world’s most critical commodity in the foreseeable future and tankers will be needed to distribute it to where it is needed. As long as tankers are vital to this distribution INTERTANKO will provide leadership in the development and implementation of industry standards and practices, and international regulations for maritime safety and environmental protection.

INTERTANKO information services
INTERTANKO is actively involved in a wide range of topics, which include commercial, technical, legal and operational matters. INTERTANKO’s direct contact with the Members and original sources enables it to select and promulgate the information which is essential to the tanker industry.

INTERTANKO’s information and advisory services include our Weekly NEWS, courses, seminars and free access to a range of web-based services. INTERTANKO produces publications, specialising in technical, operational, environmental, documentary and market issues. Members and Associate Members are also entitled to direct expert opinions from resourceful and experienced lawyers, mariners, naval architects, marine engineers, economists and other specialists within INTERTANKO. Their wide network of contacts routinely benefit directly Members and Associate Members.

INTERTANKO membership fleet

  • 204 Members
  • 3,976 tankers
  • 353 m dwt
  • 40 countries

INTERTANKO is the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners. INTERTANKO has been the voice of independent tanker owners since 1970, ensuring that the liquid energy that keeps the world turning is shipped safely, responsibly and competitively.