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Monday, November 19, 2018

No. 46/2002




Shipbuilders, Class representatives and owners met in Shanghai

Some 60 executives met at a seminar and workshop to analyse the challenges related to shipbuilding standards, contractual relationships and shipyard capacity. All parties agreed on the need to raise newbuilding standards.... More


Mare global forum on the maritime transportation of energy 2002

To be held in Houston, 18-19 November 2002, the Forum will include presentations by MD Peter Swift and William Gray.... More


TMCP Steel is not to be blamed for higher corrosion rate

The findings of a Study by the Japanese Ship Research Panel 242 showed that TMCP steel has the same maximum corrosion rate as MS (mild steel). The Study concluded that an oil coat applied to the tank top and tank bottom is as protective against corrosion as paint.... More


California contingency plan resubmission

According to California’s Marine Safety Branch Announcement of November 6, 2002, tankers trading to California have to resubmit California Contingency Plans (C-Plans) by 1 April 2003. Members are invited contact their OSRO for further information to ensure compliance. We will monitor developments and will keep members informed of any further information. Contact : Dragos Rauta: dragos.rauta@int...... More


Further details of the INTERTANKO General and Council meetings in Hong Kong

The Council re-emphasized the need for prompt ratification of MARPOL Annex VI on air pollution, agreed revisions to the membership criteria, considered whether shipowners had adequate insurance or legal defences in the event of an oil spill caused by a terrorist act, and discussed the Limburg incident. They also approved a number of new members and association members. ... More


Inspection Deficiency Replies presentation from Koch Oil & Trading

Further to our article in last week’s Weekly NEWS regarding the Vetting Seminar in Singapore we have received permission from Koch Oil & Trading to place their presentation in the members area of the INTERTANKO web site.... More


Media Awareness and media response courses - Athens, 25-28th November

Participants will receive an introduction to the reality of responding to media pressure following an incident. Register today!... More


US Rate decline in December – Lorentzen & Stemoco

Crude oil prices have been falling at the same time as improvements in the supply demand situation for products. ... More


World oil demand up by 1.04 mbd in 2003 – IEA

Most of the incremental demand is projected to be supplied by the Former Soviet Union (FSU), which is projected to increase oil production by 0.67 mbd to 10.03 mbd, and N America (mainly Mexico) by 0.29 mbd. Production in Europe is projected to marginally decline. Also the other projected changes in oil production are rather marginal, the biggest being Africa where oil production is expected to...... More


Advertising opportunities 2003

Communicate effectively with a targeted global audience through INTERTANKO’s publications or website.... More


Corrosion Onboard Crude Oil Tankers – Cargo Tank Corrosion Awareness Guide

Order your copy of the INTERTANKO publication ‘Corrosion Onboard Crude Oil Tankers – Cargo Tank Corrosion Awareness Guide’... More



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