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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

No. 33/2004

  • 15 to 16 September, International Maritime Purchasing Association (IMPA) Conference­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
  • 5-6 October INTERTANKO/Mare Forum Seminar on Maritime Transportation of Energy from Russia and Central Asia, St. Petersburg
  • 11 November, CTC meeting in Singapore
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    Argentina - National Contingency Plan and response to Oil Pollution and Other Hazards and Noxious substances

    We have been advised of the following oil spill contingency plan issued by Argentina . While this seems to have been in effect since 2003, it appears that this has not been enforced until very recently. The plan relates to three different categories as follows: 1.   Foreign flag vessels trading coastal waters in accordance with permit granted by exemption provided by Cabotage Law (Ley de...... More


    Review of the impact of the Massachusetts oil spill legislation

    The new Massachusetts state oil spill legislation creates a new financial and operating environment for ships trading in this state’s waters (See Weekly NEWS No  31 and 32 ). Our U.S. legal advisers Troutman Sanders have prepared a review of the impact of this new legislation which includes detail on the effective date and penalties, the requirement to demonstrate financial responsibility, the...... More


    Security compliance shows continued improvement internationally

    The IMO has issued a New Release stating that both ships and port facilities are showing improvement in compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. According to reports submitted by member governments, 89.5% of over 9000 declared port facilities worldwide are now in compliance. Compliance for ships is in excess of 90%. Reports are lagging from various nations ...... More


    Potential Threat to the U.S. Homeland Using Heavy Transport Vehicles, dated 30 July 2004 - Revision 1

    On 3 August 2004 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a revised joint DHS/FBI Memorandum regarding the potential security infrastructure threat in the U.S.   The document asked that the owners and operators of entities within nation's critical infrastructure and key resource facilities report suspicious activities potentially indicative of...... More


    Singapore addresses bunkering malpractices

    The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) issued a Press Release stating that the agency will cancel the Bunker Surveyor Licences of the three bunker surveyors who pleaded guilty to charges of accepting bribes. With the entry into force of MARPOL’s Annex VI on air pollution on 9 May 2005 only 9 months away, are we going to see the same type of response and application of the requirements ...... More


    MAIB issues safety bulletin for liferaft lashings

    The UK ’s Marine Accident Investigation Bureau (MAIB) bulletin recommends that owners and masters of all fishing, merchant and pleasure vessels are recommended to urgently review the lashing arrangements for life rafts fitted to their vessels to ensure that any manual quick release arrangements can be easily operated as intended. Click here to download the bulletin.  Contact : Howard Snaith ... More


    Chevron Texaco Change Address in San Ramon

    INTERTANKO have recently been advised of a change of address for Chevron Texaco Shipping Company LLC and their Clearance and Vetting Department. The new address and contact details are as follows: ChevronTexaco Shipping Co. LLC - Clearance & Vetting 6101 Bollinger Canyon Rd. ( Ste. 4481E ), San Ramon , CA 94583-5177 E-mail - , Phone - (925) 790-3818, Fax - (925) 790-6373...... More


    INTERTANKO canvasses members' support for cost benchmarking pool

    INTERTANKO has been encouraged to look into setting up a cost benchmarking pool for members. The idea is to set up a pool among members where only those that contribute to the pool will obtain information. The individual contributions from members on their costs will of course be kept strictly confidential, and figures will be presented to the members of the pool only in the form of average cos...... More


    Tanker fleet development 7 months 2004

    Tanker fleet development 7 months 2004 As of the end of July 2004 the tanker and combined carrier fleet (above 10,000 dwt) stands at 326.4 million dwt or 3,775 ships. (Source of figures: Clarkson Research) In deadweight terms the fleet has seen a net addition of 9.6m dwt (3%), and in number of ships the fleet has grown by 109 ships. The graph below outlines the fleet development in dwt (red lin...... More


    Oil demand growth stays unchanged at 1.8 mbd for 2005 - IEA

    According to the 11 August IEA monthly oil market report, WTI crude futures brushed $45 in early August, up almost $8 from the end of June. As U.S. gasoline demand growth slowed, crude took over from product markets as the driver of rising oil prices, even as stocks were building. World oil demand growth is forecast at 2.5 mbd for 2004 and 1.8 mbd for 2005, more or less unchanged from the July...... More


    Long-haul naphtha trades shifting from West/East to East/West despite terminal constraints.

    The dirty tanker market has seen plenty of changes in trade patterns over the years … suezmaxes breaking the trend of aframaxes going in to the US Gulf … aframaxes becoming the ‘handies’ of the crude market … West African crude lifting on VLCCs and then selling to the Far East … big fueloil cargoes going longhaul on large tankers (when the market is right) … Russian oil from Black Sea and Balti...... More



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    3 easy ways to order: Download an order form and fax to our Oslo office on +47 22 12 26 41 Send your order by e-mail Order directly from our online bookshop NEW - JUST PUBLISHED MAY 2004! A Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book - Part 1 (Machinery Space Operation) INTERTANKO's Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC) has developed a Guide for correct entries in the Oil...... More



    Singapore Shipping Times, 9 August 2004 - Calling at US ports? Make sure oil record book is in order Oil and Gas Journal, 9 August 2004 - Tanker incidents level off since 2001, drop below decade average Tradewinds, 9 August 2004 - Buzzards come home to roost London Matters, 9 August 2004 – Row over U.S. tanker terminal restrictions Maritime Global Net, 9 August 2004 – Row over U.S. tanker...... More