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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

No. 28/2007




MEPC 56 - IMO Group of Experts on Maritime Fuels established

The IMO Secretary General proposed this week to the IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) the establishment of a Group of Experts to address the various options and alternatives for the reduction of air emissions from ships by either using distillate fuels globally, or continuing to use residual fuels but reducing air emissions from ships using onboard technologies in...... More


MEPC 56 - IMO Working Group on Air Emissions - Intersessional meeting in October/November

The IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) has agreed that the Working Group on Air Emissions will have an additional intersessional meeting in Berlin between 29 October and 2nd November. The meeting will be tasked to consider possible alternative amendments to MARPOL Annex VI, except those linked to SOx emissions, which will be addressed at the BLG Sub-Committee in February 2008 ...... More


MEPC 56 - Environmental issues

Ballast water, biofouling and ship recycling were all discussed and considered by the IMO’s Marine Environmental Committee (MEPC) this week (9-13 July 2007) but with an extensive agenda and large debates on ballast water and ship recycling the meeting has been delayed in reaching many of its conclusions.   INTERTANKO’s team will be covering the matters as they arise on Friday afternoon with a...... More


MEPC 56 - Industry Port Reception Facilities Forum meets in London

With the IMO’s new found vigour in dealing with port reception facility problems the Industry Forum on Port Reception Facilities convened a meeting to consider how best to support and maintain the IMO’s activity.   Appropriately scheduled and held at the same time as the IMO’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting held this week in London , the Forum gathered in order to upda...... More


MEPC 56 – Human Element

IMO's Human Element Working Group met this week (9-13 July 2007) during MEPC 56 in London . The Group, which meets annually, was tasked with addressing a number of issues. The first task was to update the Organization's strategy to address the human element. Based on a proposal from Liberia , the Group updated its action plan together with a time schedule. This plan contains various issues whic...... More


MEPC 56 - MARPOL Annex II 3000m3 issue debate concludes at IMO

As members will be aware, there has been considerable confusion and debate within the industry regarding this issue, particularly concerning IMO Ship Type 2 and Ship Type 3 chemical tankers. This has been widely reported in our earlier Weekly NEWS articles and chemical   bulletins:     INTERTANKO, in cooperation with Singapore ,...... More


MEPC 56 - MARPOL Annex II shipping document on solidifying substances

Both INTERTANKO and the International Parcel Tankers Association ( IPTA) made separate submissions to MEPC this week (9-13 July 2007) regarding one aspect of the revisions to MARPOL Annex II in relation to recurring problems with the lack of information and documentation relative to vessels carrying solidifying cargoes in particular vegetable oils.   Difficulties in complying with the amended I...... More


Germany’s new Director General for Shipping visits INTERTANKO

Germany’s new (since 1 July) Director General for Shipping at the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, Bernd Toerkel, visited INTERTANKO’s London office last week to discuss subjects which are on the agenda at the MEPC 56 meetings at the IMO this week.   He was accompanied by Dr. Robert Kuehner, Head of Unit International and EU-Maritime Policy, Law of the Sea; and Ms....... More


International Symposium held at Seafarers Research Centre

Cardiff University ’s Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC) held an informative Symposium, 4-5 July 2007, which was attended by representatives of the shipping industry (including INTERTANKO), maritime unions, European Union (EU) officials, national administrations and others.   Subjects covered included welfare services for seafarers; the role and importance of seafarers’ partners; th...... More


Post-graduate education plans formulated for seafaring officers

INTERTANKO joined leading Maritime Universities last weekend (6-8 July 2007) in exploratory talks on the development of post-graduate education courses for seafaring officers. The meeting, organised by the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), was hosted by Shanghai Maritime University and brought together representatives from leading maritime universities in Asia, Europe a...... More


INTERTANKO / INTERCARGO U.K. Members' Lunch Forum focused on the Human Element in Shipping

INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO U.K.-based members attended a luncheon seminar this week at the Associations’ offices in London , which focused on the Human Element in Shipping .   Presentations were made by Minerva Alfonso, INTERTANKO U.K. Regional Manager; Olivia Swift, PhD student at the Department of Anthropology Goldsmiths College, University of London ; and Helen Jones, DNV Maritime Solutions'...... More


Minutes of Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC) meeting #30 now available

Following a successful meeting of the INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC) in Singapore on 30 May 2007, the minutes of that meeting have now been approved by the Committee and are available for members' general review ( click here to view).   The Committee discussed an array of pertinent topics including MARPOL Annex II: shipping documentation, pre-wash as well as the 3000m3 issue and our...... More


Vetting Committee meeting #30 Minutes now available

We are please d to advise that the minutes of the meeting of the V etting Committee held in Athens on 16 May 2007 have now been approved by the Committee and are available for members' general review ( click here to view) .   Contact : Howard Snaith ... More


Cautiously positive demand outlook

In its medium term oil market report, the Paris-based International Energy Agency ( IEA) forecasts global oil product demand to expand by 1.9 mbd or 2.2% per year on average, reaching 95.8 mbd by 2012. Overall growth is driven by the stronger oil demand growth in non-OECD countries, particularly in Asia and the Middle East , where demand will grow more than three times faster than that of the...... More


Strong demand growth

IEA reports that global oil product demand is expected to rise by a robust 2.5% to 88.2 mbd in 2008, largely due to a weather-related rebound in the OECD and strong demand in non-OECD countries. This represents an increase of 2.2 mbd, from the slightly revised (-0.1 mbd) 2007 level of 86.0 mbd. Non-OPEC supply in 2008 is forecast to reach 51.0 mbd (+1.0 mbd), plus 5.5 mbd of OPEC gas liquids...... More



  • 3 August 2007 – IT Committee, Singapore
  • 29 August 2007 – Documentary Committee, London
  • 30 August 2007 – Bunker Sub-Committee, London
  • 7-8 September 2007 - ISTEC (No. 31), Sicily, Italy
  • 18 September 2007 - Associate Members Committee (AMC), London
  • 18 September 2007 – Asian Panel, Tokyo
  • 1/2 October 2007 - Executive Committee, Paris
  • 18 October 2007 - Chemical Tanker Committee, London
  • 22 October 2007 – North American Panel, Houston, Texas
  • 31 October 2007 – 1 November 2007 - Latin American Panel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 14 November 2007 - Executive Committee, London
  • 15 November 2007 - Autumn Council, London
  • 16 November 2007 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch
  • 20 November 2007 – IT Committee, Bergen, Norway       
  • 21 November 2007 – Half day (p.m.) Vetting Seminar, Hong Kong, China
  • 22 November 2007 - Vetting Committee, Hong Kong, China
  • 26 November 2007 – Vetting Seminar, Philippines

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