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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

INTERTANKO’s Hellenic Mediterranean Panel welcomes Paris MoU’s Schiferli

The Paris MoU’s New Inspection Regime for European port state control was presented by the organisation’s General Secretary Richard Schiferli to INTERTANKO’s Hellenic Mediterranean Panel, which met this week in Athens. This new regime, which enters into force 1 January 2011, is a risk-based targeting mechanism which rewards quality shipping with a smaller inspection burden and concentrates on high-risk ships which will have more in-depth and more frequent inspections.


60 representatives from INTERTANKO’s local Members gathered also to discuss the Association’s draft Policy Paper on Greenhouse Gas emissions with Technical Director Dragos Rauta, as well as the operational implications of international and regional air emissions regulation.


The Association’s Environment Manager Tim Wilkins led a discussion on Black Sea ballast water ‘fines’ and also on the operational implications of key environmental regulation.


Panel Chairman Costis Kertsikoff had completed his two-year term and Vice-Chairman Dimitris Korkodilos (Andriaki Shipping) was elected as Chairman. Kostas Vlachos (Consolidated Marine Management) was re-elected for another two years as Vice Chairman.


The Panel endorsed the membership applications of AMT Management, Empire Navigation and Almi Tankers, which will be put up to Council for confirmation in November.


Contact: Bill Box