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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Council bids farewell to Peter Swift

INTERTANKO's recent Council Dinner in Singapore saw the assembled Council members take the opportunity to say farewell to Peter Swift as the Association's Managing Director.





The Association's Chairman Capt Graham Westgarth spoke eloquently of Peter's time as Managing Director. In particular he referred to his huge passion for the tanker industry, his vast enthusiasm for the Association and its Members, his constant quest for quality, and his seemingly inexhaustible energy.






Peter was presented with a clock from all the Association's Council members, which he opened on the spot in true Norwegian style – relating that in Norway, such gifts are opened immediately and shown off to the gathering.






Peter's ability to put together, in addition to his extensive workload, a gruelling international travel schedule which at times puts him in the air for longer than he is on the ground, has meant INTERTANKO's proper representation at important meetings where our Members would otherwise have been unrepresented. It has also broadened the Association's reach worldwide.


Graham Westgarth acknowledged that keeping up with such a work and travel schedule has only been possible with the loyal and determined support of Peter's wife Kathleen, always elegant, always smiling, and always there when needed. Kathleen also received a gift from Council members.





Peter's response mentioned the achievements of INTERTANKO and some its great moments during the last decade, but emphasised his heartfelt thanks to the Secretariat staff for what they have done, not only to make INTERTANKO the great organisation that it is today, but also to support him in his work as Managing Director.


The photos are downloadable here:

PMS, GW and Council Dinner guests

GW and PMS

PMS and clock

PMS and KS


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