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Sunday, November 18, 2018

The INTERTANKO Bookshop and new range of e-books

INTERTANKO produces a wide range of guidelines and commentaries on issues related to technical, marine, operations, environmental, commercial and charterparty issues. Many of these guidelines are an essential complement to government and operational regulations. Today, INTERTANKO has over 40 titles.




This service is designed so our readers can collate and manage their INTERTANKO e-books in one place. Whether they are free to download or paid for download, now you can store your INTERTANKO e-books in one place making it ideal for when you need them most. It is especially useful for access from vessels. All our e-books have advanced search and print functions and can be unlocked by internet or e-mail connection.


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Annual Report and Industry Facts

Cargo Loss

Charter Party Clauses

Charter Party forms

Charter Party Commentaries


Human Element and Training

Port Information online

Shuttle Tankers

Tanker Design and Construction

Tanker Inspection and Maintenance

Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS)

Technical and Marine Operations




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